Following Australia's lead a number of other countries also require standardized packaging including France (applies to cigarettes sold after 1 January 2017), United Kingdom (21 May 2017), New Zealand (6 June 2018), Norway (1 July 2018) and Ireland (1 October 2018). They compared Australia with New Zealand, who didn’t introduce plain packaging until 2018, and found the plain packaging policy in Australia … ", Qualitative Content Analysis of Cigarette Health Warning Labels in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States, France and the UK join Australia as plain packing leaders, "MPs pass legislation to introduce standardised cigarette packaging", "Everyone knows smoking causes lung cancer, but what about infertility and arthritis? The requirements for text and graphic health warnings are set out in the Competition and Consumer (Tobacco) Information Standard 2011. If you’ve read our guidance and still have questions, contact our plain packaging team. Australia was the first country to have plain packaging cigarette packs. Since 1 December 2012 all forms of branding logos, colours, and promotional texts are banned from cigarette pack designs. Australia’s pioneering measure on tobacco plain packaging introduced in December 2012 was actively supported by WHO and is being watched closely by other countries. If you would like a response please use the enquiries form instead. These warnings target the misconception that alternative, non-cigarette tobacco products are less harmful. In turn they were replaced with drab dark brown packets (Pantone 448 C)[1] and graphic images of smoking-related images to try to reduce the smoking population of Australia to 10% by 2018 from 15% in 2012. Manufacturers fought Australia’s Tobacco Plain Packaging Act 2011 in the country’s High Court and lost in 2012, before the fight moved to the World Trade Organization. Once the law was implemented in December 2012, tobacco companies were not allowed to brand cigarettes, cigars, and waterpipe tobacco using images, logos, or slogans. Australian cigarette packaging laws also prohibit the use of terms such as 'light', 'mild', 'extra mild', etc. [5], Canada was the first country to use graphic pictures in conjunction with written warnings on cigarette packages, with the legislation coming in 2000.[6]. The requirement is for plain cigarette packaging showing only brand name and health warning messages. [4] At the same time the plain packets were introduced, the size of the anti-smoking images became larger, so the two effects are difficult to separate. On 18 July 2012, the Dominican Republic requested consultations with Australia concerning certain Australian laws and regulations that allegedly impose trademark restrictions and other plain-packaging requirements on tobacco products. Combined these studies show: Although there has been no concrete proof as of 2014 that plain packaging has affected cigarette purchases in Australia,[11] there has been a significant increase of calls to quitline in some states[12] that would suggest plain packaging might encourage smokers to attempt or at least seek help with quitting smoking. On 20 September 2013, Indonesia requested consultations with Australia concerning certain Australian laws and regulations that impose restrictions on trademarks, geographical indications, and other plain packaging requirements on tobacco products and packaging. The Medical Journal of Australia, 200(1), 29-32. Australia – Tobacco Plain Packaging is a highly complex case, involving record numbers of third parties (eg 38 in the complaint brought by Honduras) and voluminous evidence presented on both sides (eg as summarised in the 150-page Appendices to the Panel Report).

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